Bangladeafy – Narcopaloma (Nefarious Industries)


 The vast array of musical perversion being plundered here by Long Islanders, Bangladeafy, is an exhibition of tremendous proportion.  Considering the sensorineural hearing loss that band member, Jon Ehlers, has fallen prey to, you would think that an ailment such as this would prove to be a monumental sword to the back of musical creation.  Ehlers' brutal command over the frets combined with the jazz and fusionesque skin beatings of Atif Haq, have formed a veritable pièce de résistance with their masterwork, Narcopaloma(Nefarious Industries).   Exceeding the expectations of every musical chieftain in our attendance today, this album carries you through a listening experience that would leave you rutting about the rest of your life trying to unwind the massive mind-fuck you were just subjected to.    



Try not to mind that wafture of jubilance you may be experiencing at the moment, for that track was only the first of many to defragment everything you used to think was a beautifully intricate drum and bass instrumental.   Narcopaloma, is set to release on August 26th through their record label. Order it here and check out their website for any future show announcements.