TMS Interviews – Lord of War (Conducted by Walter Greggs)


                TMS Interviews – Lord of War (conducted by Walter Greggs and Jeff Alan)

            Making their way through Scottsdale Arizona, San Diego’s own Lord of War takes some time to hang out with That Metal Station behind the Rogue Bar, in some dark alley, on the wrong side of the tracks.

            Dan Richardson and Alexx Walshaw are both repeat offenders to the Walter’s Wall of Woe show and were happy to answer all of the questions DJ Walter and DJ Deff Jeff had to throw at them.  Here is what the Guitar players from Lord of War have to tell us about; touring Europe with Vader and Hate Eternal, Fake yogurt, The difference between crowds in the US and Germany, and how much Eric Rutan hates butter on his sandwiches. After the Interview, check out their sick lyric video for “Nexus of Hate” from their latest album Suffer.