So, you open up Facebook and it asks, What on your mind, incite from Kenny Ballone of M.O.D.

So, you open up Facebook and it asks "What's on your mind", incite from Kenny Ballone of M.O.D.



Kenny Ballone with Tim McMurtrie.

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So, you open up Facebook and it asks "What's on your mind", well, I'll tell you, a lot of things are on my mind, and I'm about to break the silence. I've been kind of laying low as of late, going through some heavy personal stuff, but my mind's always on my family, music, my radio career, and perpetuating something I began 30 years ago. Personally, I've never been happier and healthier, and soberer than lately. I've removed a huge stress from my life, and have focused on rebuilding myself, and my music career, which began over 3 decades ago. 
I've been friends with Tim McMurtrie, from M.O.D. long before M.O.D. even existed. We had a band called Angry Corpses, which I think we started around 1985 or '86… it was High School days for us, Tim and I met through a mutual friend, Andy (RIP) and started jamming in a basement in New Milford, NJ, with our second guitarist Sooch (RIP), Keith Davis our drummer, along with various singers. Our band only got better and tighter as we kept playing, and we were writing original songs that were so different from what other bands were playing, we became one of the creators of a new genre, Crossover Thrash. Our influences were everything from punk rock to blacker metal, and our music was fucking heavy as fuck, with sick ass fast riffs, and brutal mosh parts. We were ready to be heard by the masses, nothing could stop us… well, this is where the story takes a turn… I was working at Sam Ash music in NJ, and ran into Billy Milano, who was at the time the singer of the freshly disbanded S.O.D., Stormtroopers of Death, which was basically Anthrax and Danny from Nuclear Assault, and Billy singing. I told Billy I heard that sod broke up, and told him he should come check out my band, because we had no permanent singer at the time. Billy liked our band so much he joined our band then introduced us to Megaforce records, which very soon after signed us as M.O.D. Well, it's 30 years later, and all the good bands from that scene are doing reunion releases, and touring, to give their fans that have supported them for 3 decades a last chance to see them perform, with their old-school line ups and material. I will do the same, with my old friend and band mate, Tim McMurtrie. That's all I have to say about this for now, but be assured, you haven't heard the whole story yet.

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