TMS Interviews – JD McGibney (Angels on the Battlefield)


            What better way to start a holiday weekend than to wake up on Friday, start off with some coffee, run to the store for smokes, come home, pour a red beer and sit down for an awesome interview with JD McGibney from the instrumental project known as Angels on the Battlefield? Well, honestly there is no better way.

             After receiving a very well written email from the bands Manager Alex Rodrigues, I dove in to researching the band. Which to my delight was an easy task, was simplistic and easy to navigate. JD keeps his site current and updates it constantly, adding the fact his last EP is available for free download right on the home page and all of the bands social media links are a click away. This made my research a breeze, new fans of Angels on the Battlefield will have no problem staying up to date with their progress.


              The music is the cherry on top of this interview, watching a video for the track "A Walking Plague" put an instant smile on my face. AOTB is an instrumental project – and I'm a big fan of instrumentals. This song starts off with a heavy bass fill-in, and then releases the unrelenting guitar tone. There are plenty of guitars to enjoy in the music, but for an instrumental piece the music isn't bleeding out crazy riffs or screaming blown out solo work. The guitar holds its own without drowning out the composition of the other instruments being played, it's very well balanced and production work is spot on. If not for any other reason, you have to watch the video to check out the amazingly bad ass custom McCarty Guitar JD is rocking out on.

              AOTB Have just released a brand new single "Leap of Faith" which is based off the leap of faith JD took when relocating the project across country from Long Island, N.Y. to Los Angeles, C.A. The song is a masterful piece of auditory art; you can download it on their Patreon site.

             Here he is, JD McGibney.

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