Wicked World – Witch Hunt (Inner Strength Records)



               There is something to be said for a band that handles the PR work. They are directly putting themselves in front of the firing squad so to speak – and we media personnel can be some vicious fuckers when picking apart a bands hard work. So when I received an email from Wicked World asking for a review of their latest EP Witch Hunt, I was apprehensive to say the least. My knowledge of “CORE” bands is limited, I like a lot of core music but it’s not my go to when I jump in the car or slap on the headphones. As soon as I hit play on the first track “Panic” my word program was open and the writing process started. Full of chunky guitar riffs and heavy bass, the music was an angry change of pace from my death metal bubble. Don’t get me wrong; Witch Hunt has a great deal of death metal influence. The thing that strikes me as being unique with Wicked World is the lyrical content and vocal styling, switching from death growls to spoken word and a maniacal high pitch scream; it is obvious these guys are passionate about the music they make.

                Musically the EP is on point; guitar work is technical and provides a great vehicle for the lyrics to travel. Solo work isn’t over bearing and is placed right where it needs to be. Drums and bass work seamlessly together, providing a powerful backdrop for everything else. Recorded by Nick Navito (The Nook Recording Studio) Mixed by Pete Grossman (Bricktop Recording) and Mastered by Brad Boatright (AUDIOSIEGE) the production quality is great, not overly produced what so ever – Which is surprising being that so many hands were involved in the making of this album. This is a solid album and would highly recommend it to any of my readers, especially if you’re looking to break in to the core movement.